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Decolonize Vaccines with Fatima Hassan

Join us on at 5pm on Tuesday 15th March to hear from speakers from access to medicines campaigns, academics, journalists, student activists.

See the event page here:

Free tickets available on Eventbrite:

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UAEM is a global network of university students who believe that our universities have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve global access to public health and necessary medicines. Many of the important medicines and public health technologies are developed in university laboratories. Compounding the need for health justice, equity, and equality globally, developing nations are profoundly affected by the research,  patenting, and licensing decisions made by universities--it makes affordability, accessibility, treatment, and prevention incredibly difficult.

Last year we launched an Open Letter to the University of Cambridge calling for more equitable access to medicines developed here. This was signed by hundreds of current students, societies, and staff members! For more information, check the 'Open Letter' tab.

As well as local advocacy, we also support national advocacy and education campaigns, and host various expert speakers on topics allied to Access to Medicines.

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